Cheat Sheets for Canvas Workspace

These cheat sheets will show you which icon you need at a glance

Did you know there are two versions of Canvas? PC and Online? Not sure which one is which?

Do you ever look at the icons in Canvas Workspace and think… now which one do I want? What does THAT one do again?

I have the solution for you.

Canvas Workspace Cheat Sheets!!!!!

With these cheat sheets you will be able to see what each icon does at a glance. Cool hey! With each page labelled Online Version or Downloaded Version it is super quick to know which version you are using and what cheat sheet page you need.

The cheat sheets include both the online and the downloaded versions of Canvas Workspace.

Filled with brightly colored pages that you can print and laminate they will look adorable in your craft room. Keep them handy when you are working on your projects.

Each page focuses on a particular feature in Canvas and should be just the prompt you need to make your projects flow.


$5 USD with the promo code THANKS

Canvas Workspace Cheat Sheets to easily identify the Canvas Workspace software icons and use them with your Brother Scan N Cut


$5 USD with the promo code THANKS

Grab your cheat sheets now!

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  Canvas Workspace Cheat Sheets
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Available in days
days after you enroll
Susan Meier ~ Create With Sue

About Susan Meier

Susan Meier is the founder of the popular (Create With Sue) web site. On the site are step-by-step tutorials on how to create amazing projects using your Brother Scan N Cut and Canvas Workspace! Susan has nearly 20 years experience working in the South Australian TAFE College in the Information, Communication and Technology area, ensuring training is delivered smoothly.

She has been involved in the transition to online learning and delivering training over Video Conferencing since the mid 1990's. With a passion for craft, she has been creating for over 30 years. Proficient in using the Scan N Cut, Canvas Workspace, Inkscape and Sure Cuts A Lot 5 (SCAL5), Susan is ready to share her knowledge with you!